• Our values

    Our requirements are very clear: sustainability, quality and reliability. To achieve this, all of our products are made from Swiss wood and are handcrafted by us. Each EQUIWO is therefore unique.

  • Our team

    We're more than just a bunch of experts: We have bright minds working together as friends and family. Together we put a lot of joy and passion into our products, that's what sets us apart.

  • Our history

    Our horses used to eat the wooden walls. To prevent this, we gave them individual branches, which lost their "attractiveness" after a few hours. In order to keep the horses busy in the long term, we created our first EQUIWOs. We were amazed at how much fun our horses had with it! In order to offer this pleasure to other horses as well, we have started to produce our EQUIWOs.

  • Our vision

    Every horse has its own EQUIWO. For everyday use, the "standard" EQUIWOs, either with or without a salt lick. Our apple or carrot dispensers are available for a special treat.